Public Works, Government Contracts & Concessions

Brons & Salas has an outstanding administrative and regulatory law practice area with vast experience in providing advice to national and international clients on government contracts under all types of procedures (public bids, private tenders, direct procurement, simplified bidding processes, digital purchases, public and private partnerships) and types of contracts (provision of goods and services, public service concessions, concessions for the use of public property, private contracts of the Public Administration, etc.).

We have provided advice on contracts related to strongly-regulated general interest activities, public services, services in general, public works and public-private partnership agreements.

Our experience covers both national and provincial jurisdictions as well as the cities of Buenos Aires, Rosario, Córdoba, Mendoza, Posadas and other significant municipalities in our country.

In particular, Brons & Salas has given advice on contracts in the following areas: energy (electricity, fuels, gas), transportation (railway, land, air and sea), provision of water and sewage services, communications (radio spectrum, telephony), ports, highways, banks, services, among others.

Our team stands out for providing advice not only during the different stages of the selection process of private contractors but also during the performance of contracts and also for its ability to participate in objection proceedings before administrative authorities, courts of law, arbitration tribunals (national or international) and handling complex lawsuits for our clients in which multiple parties are involved.