Information Technology (IT)

Information technology will definitively lead business development. For such reason, Brons & Salas places special emphasis on the investigation and development of a dynamic and fundamental practice to ensure the protection and success of its clients. Our challenge is to provide all the support our clients need with regard to intellectual property rights, protection of data and IT assets, licenses and digital law.

Our proposed solution for this industry encompasses:

  • Communication policies, defense against potential attacks, privacy, data protection.
  • E-commerce and online marketing: commercial terms, liability, digital communication regulations.
  • Cybersecurity: advice in case of attacks, intrusions, security breaches, identity thefts, confidential data thefts, handling of litigations, claims and complaints.
  • Intellectual property, software and licensing.
  • Digital and information technology audits and tests.
  • Cloud-based services: guidelines and policies to manage cloud databases, risk assessment, security and provision of cloud-based services.
  • Personal Data Protection.
  • FinTech: creation, framework and regulations to operate in the business.