Basic Minimum Wage – Resolution 15/2023

5 October, 2023 | Current Regulations

Resolution 15/2023, issued by the National Board of Employment, Productivity, and Basic Minimum Wage (Consejo Nacional del Empleo, la Productividad y el Salario Mínimo Vital y Móvil), was published today in the Official Gazette, raising the basic minimum wage effective October 1, 2023, with a staggered implementation.

The resolution establishes that the basic minimum wage increase applies to employees governed by the Employment Contract Law (Ley de Contrato de Trabajo) and to public-sector employees, as well as to workers governed by the Agricultural Workers’ Regime. Domestic workers are excluded.

The new basic minimum wage will apply as follows:

Effective Date Daily-Wage Workers Monthly-Wage Workers
October 1, 2023 ARS 660 ARS 132,000
November 1, 2023 ARS 730 ARS 146,000
December 1, 2023 ARS 780 ARS 156,000


It should be borne in mind that the basic minimum wage is the lowest hourly or monthly remuneration that any worker must collect for a full workday.

The increase applied has the following essential effects:

  • Employer’s obligation to modify the total gross monthly or hourly wages collected by employees if such wages are lower than the basic minimum wage.
  • Need for updating the wage scales established under the collective bargaining agreements in compliance with the new basic minimum wage and, when it is so provided under the collective bargaining agreement, keeping the percentage differences between categories, according to the specific provision of the agreement in question.
  • Modification of the parameters to calculate attachments on workers’ remunerations (Executive Order 484/87).
  • Establishment of the value to be considered for the purposes of the income tax under Executive Order 473/2023 at ARS 1,980,000 (15 times the basic minimum wage), as of October 1.


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